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Call me, Fiesty

Pro Wrestling Match

You shall call me Fiesty !

 I am proud to call myself a womanist. Simultaneously I enjoy being in the arms of a strong, generous, affectionate man. And sometimes the right woman catches my attention. I am thoughtful, yet not to be crossed. I enjoy healthful food but I am no food snob and I thoroughly enjoy tasty delights. I am tough yet not afraid to let a tear drop. I relish in extreme sports as well as a quiet night home pondering life. I am one of the rare beauties that is also intelligent and fun. I have a Bachelor's Degree in social-psych. But don't worry, I'm not trying to diagnose you. I just think it's fun trying to understand people, what make us who we are, and what turns us on. I can be the woman who you can curl up and cry with or I will smother your face until near assfixiation... which ever you prefer, or maybe a bit of both. I have some training in Muay Thai and boxing but I got most of my fight skills in the streets. I like to dance, sing, play guitar, cook, eat, debate, spend quality time with family and most of all, travel!

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